Malaysian 15th General Elections

GE15 Open Data and Network Censorship Initiatives

Harapan Election Banners

For GE15, we're working on two on two different initiatives.

  • Providing election open data, our own as well as key resources from other initiatives.
  • Testing and analyzing data for Internet censorship, before, during and after the elections.

Network Censorship Monitoring

MCMC Block Noticiation

In the previous elections, our monitoring captured data that proved a few ISPs blocked the website showing unofficial election results from Malaysiakini.

Help us test and gather data during this critical period leading up to and post elections for Internet censorship, with guide at the following page:

Guide on Network Censorship Monitoring and Testing of Malaysia's 15th General Election (GE15)

Open Data

We are working on providing open data on candidates through an API, including basic photos, descriptions, affiliations, interests and beneficial ownership where available.

In partnership with Tindak Malaysia, to provide detailed open data for election results, including consolidated data such as gender, age, ethnicity and others for both Parliamentary and State elections.

GE15 Consolidated open data resources and tools resource page