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2018 Second Half Funds Appeal

Sinar Project Office

We're calling on the public to help support basic running costs and interns, while we work to secure long term institutional funding.

We need to raise RM25,000 to keep our office including our servers going, and to have a few interns to help out with day to day tasks while we work to secure long term institutional funding. Budget is for RM2000/month for office and RM1,000/month per intern.

Current funds raised: RM1378/RM25,000


Current Monthly Funding Status

Hosting and Internet Connection - RM500


Rent and Utilities - RM2000


Monthly Membership Contributions

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One Time Donations

One time donations can be made through online banking transfers or via Paypal

Bank Transfers

BANK    Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
BENEFICIARY    Sinar Project PLT
ACCOUNT    512307614259


Funding summary for current and past years

We are transparent for all sources of funding, and summary of current and past donors and amounts by year can be found on our funding page.