Guide on Internet Censorship Monitoring #Lawan

Guide on Network Censorship Monitoring and Testing of Malaysian #lawan protests

Sekretariat Solidariti Rakyat (SSR) has organised #Lawan protest to be held on 31 July 2021 beginning at 11 am (MYT) at Dataran Merdeka

As part of our efforts to increase the transparency of Internet censorship, Sinar Project will be monitoring internet censorship during this event by collecting evidence of network interference and internet censorship using OONI Probe and OONI Run.

We are focusing on collecting evidence of internet censorship on instant messaging apps and targeted websites that are potentially at risk of censorship, particularly news and media sites, and NGO sites

Call to action

Join us in ensuring freedom of expression and access to information are protected on the internet.

Help us to collect evidence of detecting online censorship by following these 2 simple steps:

Install OONI App

Run the tests!

To check and test whether NGO sites, news and media sites are blocked:

Click here to test Civil Society sites Click here to test News & Media sites Click here to test government and political party sites

To  check and test whether Instant Messaging apps such as Whatsapp  is blocked:

Screenshot from 2021-07-30 13-58-37.pngScreenshot from 2021-07-30 13-59-53.pngScreenshot from 2021-07-30 14-01-07.png

What happens if you detect network censorship or you suspect your connection is being censored?

Share the data link so we can help verify.

From the test result details, the three dots on the top right (Android), you can share get a copy of the data URL.


Screenshot from 2021-07-30 14-15-48.png

Current list of websites tested

Civil Society News / Media Government & Political Parties