Data Journalism and Election Integrity

A series of online workshops for journalists about covering elections more comprehensively using open data.

Data Journalism Training for Southeast Asian Journalists 

The Asia-Pacific Regional Support for Elections and Political Transitions (RESPECT), a program supported by USAID and is collaboratively carried out between the Indonesian Association for Media Development (PPMN) and Association of Election and Democracy (Perludem). 

RESPECT is a multi-year program to support and improve the integrity and justice of elections in the Asia Pacific region. This year, PPMN with RESPECT organizes a Training on Data Journalism for Election Coverage.

To organize this activity, PPMN and Perludem also partnered with Sinar Project (Malaysia) and The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism-PCIJ (Philippines) as the institutions that participate in managing the data portal, Through this portal, journalists in the Southeast Asia region are expected to be able to cover elections more comprehensively using open data.

Who are eligible to register?

  • Active journalists who have worked for a minimum of three years in the Southeast Asia region.
  • Understanding political and election issues in his country or other countries in the Southeast Asia region.
  • Have basic knowledge of data journalism.
  • Have basic computer software skills such as Microsoft Excel, Libre Office 

When the training will be held?

This training will be held in four sessions online every Saturday for four weeks on April 24, May 1, May 8, and May 22, 2021. 

What are the topics to be presented in the training?

Each session will last for a maximum of three hours. The topics that will be presented in this training include; Introduction of Journalism Data, How to Find Electoral Data for Coverage, How to Analyze Election Data, and Technique of Compiling Stories accompanied by visualization of election issues.

What do participants need to achieve from this training?

  • Improving understanding of journalists in Southeast Asia regarding election issues and open data
  • Enhancing data journalism capabilities for journalists in the Southeast Asia region

How will this training be conducted?

This training will carry the concept of interactive and hands-on even though it is conducted online. Participants will be invited to discuss during the discussion session, practicing with exercises, or by bringing issues in accordance with the context of elections that occur in their respective countries.

Registration Link: 

Who are the trainers involved in this training? 

Wan Ulfa Nur Zuhra, Executive Director of Indonesia Data Journalism Network (IDJN)

Ulfa has led IDJN as the Executive Director since 2018. Her last five years was struggling in the world of journalism and media, especially data journalism in Asia and Europe. Master's graduates in the field of data journalism, Birmingham University also worked as a journalist in Bisnis Indonesia and

Floreen Simon, Deputy Director of The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ)

While in PCIJ, Floreen has experienced leading training programs and developing training materials for journalists, civil society organizations, government institutions, and academics. She also participated in several publications of investigative coverage. Before in PCIJ, Floreen was involved in a development program that focused on the formulation of national policy, reproductive health, disaster risk reduction, climate change, and advocacy for women's rights.

Khairil Yusof, Coordinator of Sinar Project

Khairil is a consultant program with a lot of experiences in managing, developing and implementing innovative development programs for the government, international organizations and civil society, which directly or indirectly involves digital technology. At present, He is very interested in the application of innovation and open data methods for transparency and anti-corruption.