Open Parliament

Parliament and legislative assemblies are where our elected representatives work on policies, laws and raise questions on the implementations of these policies on our behalf

Sinar project works on services and engages with parliament to make it easier for you to access your elected represenatives and their work.

Speech at Siswa Merdeka

We support the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness and Malaysian organisations in working towards the following goals:

  • Promoting a Culture of Openness
  • Making Government Information Transparent
  • Enabling Electronic Communication of Government Information
  • Access to Elected Representatives and Decision Makers

Wakil Rakyat

Wakil Rakyat Website

Find out more about your elected representative, what they are doing and how to engage them!

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Parliamentary Documents

Parliamentary Documents

Browse and search parliamentary written replies




Follow, browse and search through latest bills tabled in parliament



Popit Collaborative Open Data 

Popit is our development and research efforts of providing reusable open standards data service for politicians, politically exposed persons and positions held in organizations.

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Collaborating For Open Data Case Study Cover

Case Study

"Building an Open Database on Politically Exposed Persons in Malaysia: A Case Study"