Webinar Series I: Open Government Partnership (OGP) and Malaysia’s Initiatives, 12 May 2020.

Sinar Project is organizing a Webinar Series on Open Government Partnership and Malaysia’s Initiatives, on 12 May 2020, to introduce the participants to OGP and how the initiatives can benefit from and support Malaysia’s participation in the OGP process.

This Webinar aims to provide a space for stakeholders such as state agencies, civil society, media entities, experts to deliberate and discuss the principles, framework of OGP and National Action Plans.

Objective of the Webinar:

  1. To outline OGP objectives, criterias and impacts;
  2. To introduce National Action Plan (NAP);
  3. To present a possible timeline of OGP coordination and initiative;
  4. To build collaborative relationships and establish mutual understanding and expectations on the OGP process.

Detail of the Webinar:

Date : 12 May, 2020
Platform : The video conferencing platform detail will be sent to you 3 days upon
  the Webinar.
Time : 2:00pm to 5p.m (3-hours)
Registration : https://webinar1-ogp-malaysia.eventbrite.com

Concept Note: [Download]
Agenda: [Download]