Suara Masyarakat

Data and Investigative Journalism capacity building

Photojournalism kitTogether with Internews, Sinar Project is working to build investigative and data journalism capacity to Malaysian journalists, media practitioners and civil society to produce high quality investigative and data journalism reporting as well as space for dialogue between community media, citizen journalists and local authorities.

As part of this project Sinar Project will be working on a report on the availability and use open data for journalism, and hold Investigative Journalism and, Data Journalism Boot Camps.

This page will be updated as resources are added and additional details for upcoming workshops are available.

Suara Masyarakat (Community Voices) is an Internews Europe project with local Malaysian partners on a 36-month project which aims to strengthen capacity of Malaysian media as the key actor in promoting good governance, transparency and accountability.

Past and Upcoming Activities and Research

First Data Journalism Workshop November, 2020
Second Data Journalism Workshop February 2021
First investigative Journalism Workshop March 2021
Second Investigative Journalism Workshop June 2021


This project is supported by the European Union.

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