Wakil Rakyat

A website built on open data services that brings together information of all representatives at state and parliamentary level, who they are, how to engagement with them and various issues and happenings in their constituency.

Your Elected Representatives

Find out who your elected representives are, what they do and how to engage them to represent you in Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies.

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We monitor them to ensure that they do not engage in corrupt activities or make statements that would be classified as hateful, discriminatory or in support of curtailing basic human rights as specified in our blacklist criteria.

What Do They Do?

We aim to integrate Parliamentary Documents project to seamlessly show their Parliamentary and/or State Legislative Assembly questions and answers.

Track their political interests and assets

Provides transparency information on asset declarations, and posts held if known.

Open Data

Popit Collaborative Open Data

Wakil Rakyat is powered by Popit Open Data API

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How can I help?

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It is a lot of work to trying to update information of hundreds of elected representatives.  To find out how you can help:

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