GE15 Candidate and Elected Representatives Website

Project to build complete general election candidate website built on Sinar Project's politically exposed persons open data database and API

This project builds upon several years of work on building open data infrastructure for government and parliamentary transparency work for Malaysia.

The open data standards (Popolo) spec databases allow us to quickly spin up and organize information on candidates despite incomplete information.

GE15 candidate site will be built on top our existing public database of over 4,200 politically exposed persons of candidates from past 4 general elections and currently elected representatives. The website will include campaign materials and media crowdsourced from our community content contributors. 

Nominated candidates past and campaign period actions will also be judged against our objective public blacklist based on international definitions and best practices for accountability, integrity and transparency. Candidates without a CV, involved in corruption issues and hateful racist, sexist and undemocratic conduct will have their actions documented and the candidates be shown clearly as blacklisted candidates to voters.

Once the elections are over, winning candidates will then be migrated into an elected representative website, where Malaysian public can continue to monitor them on their work in respective legislatures, integrated with our other transparency tools, that track beneficial ownership of companies, contracts, influence networks and corruption cases. Clean elected representatives could still be blacklisted as a poor representative if they fail the criteria with actions after being elected.

GE 14 Development Flow

This project now currently ongoing as Wakil Rakyat,  where we import existing data and information of candidates into an elected representative website.

GE15 Candidate Blacklist Criteria

Status: Final GE15 Criteria Published

GE15 Candidate Blacklist Criteria is an effort to define objective criteria to guide political parties and the public to select better quality candidates as our elected representatives. Nominated candidates that fail any of the following criteria will be added to a list of blacklisted candidates and prominently highlighted as such on Sinar Project’s upcoming GE15 Candidate. The criteria used is the same in the previous election. 

Older drafts:

Politikus Politically Exposed Persons API/Database

Status: Stable/Online 

Is a customized CMS based on Plone with add-ons and customizations for investigative journalists and anti-corruption researchers to store and extract bits of pieces of information on persons of interests, organizations and contracts, using open data standards. It helps make this structured data available in environments where such data is limited.

The base CMS platform functions as a flexible and user-friendly way to start an investigation, and then providing a way to store supporting resources and sources, while extracting key metadata.

The metadata then provides additional insights into a story, such as information on persons, their relations with each other, posts in organizations, contratracts, related issues or red flags.

As the data and metadata are stored using open data standards of Popolo-spec, OCDS, COST IDS and others, it can be exported, and also use other tools developed by others using these standards.

Open Data Standards Content Types

Issue Tracking and Relations

GE15 Candidates and Elected Representative Website

Status: Live / Alpha 

This is a content management website that links to Popit API/DB for Malaysia. Malaysian voters will be able to see basic information on all candidates such as name, age, sex, contact details, social media accounts,  party, brief bio, past and current posts, as well as CVs, campaign materials and supporting evidence for blacklist criteria (if any). 

Also to be displayed if applicable are beneficial ownership in companies and awarded construction contracts through our integration with our project on beneficial ownership and contracts, Telus

Source code:
Source code:


Internet Network Interference and Censorship Monitoring

We are running daily tests on 1152 global and local websites as well as instant messaging services such as WhatsApp. These test lists include coverage of local and foreign media, political parties and civil society. 

We will also be running a campaign to increase the number of volunteer testers and coverage through the installation of OONI mobile app to help run tests on specific events during campaign and polling days.

Data collected will be published on Open Observatory for Network Interference website. The data will provide evidence on whether there are any forms of network interference or censorship.

Open Data on Candidates

Basic data in Popolo spec fields in English and Bahasa being updated by our content contributors are available here as open data:

License: Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0 (International)You are free to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format and remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially. Just attribute Sinar Project if you do use it.

How to help contribute

Funding and In-Kind Donations

Keeping Sinar Project the civic tech organization, hosted services and development and research require funding. Donating funds to Sinar helps keeps the services online, funds full-time work of existing Sinar team members, but also expand capacity by allowing us to hire and train young talent to work on modern transparency initiatives for the public good either full time or as interns.

Online Donations

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