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How Sinar Project is Funded


Funder / ContributorAmountDescription
Access Grants Logo

USD 40,480
USD 3,600

Digital Rights 2017
RightsCon 2017 Travel
OCP Logo

USD 30,000
USD 5,000

Open Contracting Innovation Challenge Prize 2017
Open Contracting Innovation Challenge Finalist 2017
NDI Logo

USD 2,000

Global Legislative Openness Week 2017 - Malaysia

USD 1,950

Digital Security Training & Support


Popit API/DB Development
aeste logo


Parliamentary & Government Docs Support Subscriptions


General support for Sinar Project projects


Funder / ContributorAmountDescription
Access Grants Logo USD 34,000
USD 18,900
Digital Rights
Regional Network Interference Monitoring
Open Knowledge Foundation USD250 Open Data Day 2016: Malaysia

Blog: Data Expedition



RM60,000 For General Support
Individual RM12,000 For General Support
Individual RM2,400 Open Parliament & Transparency
Individuals (below RM1,000) RM 950 Open Parliament & Transparency
Memberships RM 1450 For General Support



Funder / ContributorAmountDescription
SEATTI Logo USD72,440 Inter-operable and reusable software components for governance.

World Wide Web Foundation


USD28,000 Open Data Standards / API / DB for collaborative Open Data in Constrained Environments
OD4D USD30,200 Open Spending Data in Constrained Environment
Individual USD5,000 For general support
Open Knowledge Foundation GBP1,500 Global Open Data Index Survey 2015
MySociety USD1,000 Demographic Research
Individuals RM500 For general support
Individuals RM300 Internet Freedoms and Digital Security initiatives
Individuals RM50

Network Graph Visualizations


Funder / ContributorAmountDescription
ISIF Asia Logo USD28,000 Internet for Rights projects
Poplus Logo USD5,000 Representatives and Poplus component implementations
ISIF Asia Logo RM 8,749 2014 Internet Award for RIghts