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There is lack of transparency in where funding is allocated and spent, with reports of millions allocated contrasting with destitute and desperate victims still in tents months after the disaster. We plan to do a social audit on Malaysian government (federal and state level) spending for flood recovery that has been allocated to flood affected areas. The flood funds will be broken down in details based on where the funds channelled to and resources that have been spent on. Once the allocations of this funds are published publicly in Open Spending website, citizens of Malaysia will be able to monitor the Malaysian government based on the mentioned details and then will comment further if the action has been taken.


  1. To investigate allocated funds provided by the Federal Government and document actual figures.
  2. To provide details on how the allocated funds for flood relief have been used to the affected places.
  3. To provide awareness to the citizens over the Federal Government’s accountability based on the funds that have been provided to the affected places

The Impact

In the past, there were no reported social audit implemented nor initiated officially and publicly by the Malaysian government and by Malaysian civil societies organizations on flood relief and rebuilding communities in affected places. As a stepping stone, Sinar Project will lead the first social audit focusing at micro-level which is the flood relief and rebuilding communities and your contribution will be used to kickstart this project. Social audit creates impact to government activities on social-well being of citizens, access the social costs and measure social benefits. 

Steps That Will Be Execute For This Social Audit

  1. Document videos, recorded interviews and photos of status rebuilding homes for flood victims. Photos compiled from on ground reporting will be used as posters as part of the media outreach initiative.
  2. Explore local partners to assist in the social audit survey development and reporting progress. This will be used to validate flood funds allocated in the affected areas.
  3. Document interviews with local institutions such as local councils, elected representatives and community-based organizations.
  4. Upload stories relating to the Federal Government, State Government and Local Councils in Spending Stories website.

Issues That Will Be Covered

  1. Public aid (food, water, medics etc)
  2. Public health (hospitals and clinics)
  3. Public education (schools, colleges and universities)
  4. Public housings
  5. Infrastructure development
  6. Local businesses
  7. Public transportation
  8. Poverty in the community (urban & rural)
  9. Zakat Kelantan
  10. Disaster management


  • Kelantan

Crowd-source Funding

This project is available in indiegogo. We welcome you to show your support by spreading the word about the Social Audit Malaysian East Coast Flood Funds campaign to your friends and family.

Example of Social Audit in Kenya

The work of social audit in Kenya have inspired us to conduct the same ground-up approach here in Malaysia.

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Our team based in Malaysia. We love discussing project ideas and challenges. Drop us a line at 

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Project Lead

Hazwany (Nany) Jamaluddin


Sze Ming

Sze Ming


“You have all these promises and figures, but you have no way of tracking them. They are not on any website and there’s no update or breakdown in figures on how the money is being spent,” says Hazwany.

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This article first appeared in #edGY, a section of The Edge Malaysia, on June 29 - July 5, 2015.